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CoverAnd Nature Smiled [level: Medium]
Allen Koepke: Bio and other works
voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 36 | duration: 4:15 | price: $2.20
accompaniment: piano

Girls love this inspirational song. Also available for TBB

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On the hillside grew a lovely rose
a beauty to behold.
The sun and rain did bless the rose,
and nature smiled, it was told.

Proud was the rose midst the widowhood,
its fragrance pure as finest gold.
All creation understood
and bowed, as its petals would unfold.

Soon the weeds did gather ’round the rose.
“Share with us your beauty,” they asked in coy repose.
“Give us each one petal, for then we all will be
beautiful and worthy, to stand with dignity.”

“Run from the beggar’s ticks, run from the horsetail,
run, run away,” was the cry of the loon.
“Stay,” cried the shepherd’s purse, “Stay,” cried the thorn tree.
“Listen to your heart,” came a plea from the moon.

Then a stillness settled on the land.
The rose, in all her wisdom, stretched out a gentle hand
and touched each one around her; none was to be denied.
She knew the secret of their beauty came from deep inside.

“Each of you is part of a plan from above.
You give life to others, there is no greater love.
Be strong in one another, and then you all will see
you won’t need any petals, you have your dignity.”

On the hillside grew a lovely rose,
a friend amid the wild.
The sun and rain did bless the rose,
and nature smiled.
And nature smiled.

All rights reserved.

by Allen Koepke

Indianapolis Youth Chorale, Tim Brimmer, conductor  [© all rights reserved]
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2017 | UMEA State Choral Committee Reading Session
2015 | Massachusetts ACDA Summer Conference July 19, 2015
2012 | AL ACDA Summer Reading Session
2011 | Michigan State VMA Read. Sess.