Charlotte Adams - Denver, CO

Charlotte Adams is the retired choral director from Cherry Creek High School in Colorado where she made a name for herself as an excellent builder of great voices, and as conductor of a marvelous choir. Always seeking to learn and improve, she invited Charlene Archibeque to come and work with her girls. Charlene, extremely impressed with what she discovered in that choral room, suggested Charlotte make a video of her work in action. Thus was born: A DAILY WORKOUT FOR A BEAUTIFUL VOICE. Hundreds of choirs have improved their sound via the exercises in this video.

Charlotte continues to be active in the choral world, frequently being invited to serve as an honor choir director.

4 Octavos from the Charlotte Adams Choral Series
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Ave Maria David N. Childs SSA
Instruments of Praise Allen Koepke SSAA
Magnificat Donald Kendrick SSA
Morning Moon Philip E. Silvey SSA