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Music selected by PROMINENT CONDUCTORS make up TWENTY-NINE outstanding CHORAL SERIES

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Always Keep This Close (TTBB)  Zachary J. Moore Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
Be the Sunlight (SSA)  Debra E. Stempien & Gregory H. Turner Janeal Krehbiel Choral Series
Done Made My Vow (SATB)  arr. Stacey V. Gibbs Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
Every Given Light (SSA)  Dominick DiOrio Robyn Lana Choral Series
Evocation (Mon-Nee-Joh) (SATB)  Hye-Young Cho Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
Just One Step (SSA)  Daniel Brinsmead Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
Rain, Rain! (SSAA)  Daniel Brinsmead Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
Ride the Chariot (SATB)  arr. Stacey V. Gibbs Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
Salaam (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu) (SATB)  arr. Ross Fishman Cory Boulton Choral Series
Sing Unto the Sky (SATB)  Karen Marrolli Kyle Pederson Choral Series
Thanksgiver: A Child's Rhyme (SATB)  Jean Belmont Ford Joel Rinsema Kantorei Choral Series
The Dawn’s Awake (TTBB)  Nancy Hill Cobb Robert J. Ward Choral Series
The Echo (SSA)  Andrea Ramsey Lori Hetzel Choral Series
The Gift To Sing (SSA)  Coleman Peterson Kyle Pederson Choral Series
The Gift To Sing (SATB)  Coleman Peterson Kyle Pederson Choral Series
This Is the Morning That Will Rise (SAB. opt. T)  Matthew Emery Jamie Hillman Choral Series
Turning the Pages (SSA)  Daniel Brinsmead Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
Wise Words (SATB)  Blake Henson Cory Boulton Choral Series
Cory Boulton Choral Series | Bradley University - NEW CHORAL SERIES
Kyle Pederson Choral Series | St. Paul, MN - NEW CHORAL SERIES
Charlene Archibeque Choral Series | Professor Emerita at San Jose State University
Terry J. Barham Choral Series | Emporia State University
Jerry Blackstone Choral Series | University of Michigan
Edith Copley Choral Series | Northern Arizona University
Peter A. Eklund Choral Series | University of Nebraska
Sharon Hansen Choral Series | University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and Milwaukee Choral Artists
Lori Hetzel Choral Series  | University of Kentucky
Jamie Hillman Choral Series | University of Toronto
Daniel Hughes Choral Series | The Choral Project, San Jose
Janeal Krehbiel Choral Series | Lawrence Children's Choir
Nathan J. Kreitzer Choral Series | Santa Barbara City College | Quire of Voyces
Cameron LaBarr Choral Series  | Missouri State University
Nicole Lamartine Choral Series | Central Washington University
Robyn Lana Choral Series | 
Cincinnati Children's Choir, ensemble-in-residence at the Univ. of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
Gary Packwood Choral Series | Mississippi State University
Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series | University of Southern California
Randy and Rachel Stenson Choral Series | St. Mary's International School, Tokyo, Japan
Mary Alice Stollak Choral Series | Michigan State University - MSU Children's Chorus
Robert J. Ward Choral Series | Ohio State University | Columbus Boyschoirs
Baltic Series edited by Vance Wolverton | Chair Emeritus, California State University, Fullerton
Giselle Wyers Choral Series | University of Washington

The Harbor
Brian A. Foy