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CoverIm Ein Ani Li [level: Easy]
Ross Fishman
RELEASED: August 2023
voicing: TBB | catalog number: SBMP 1751 | duration: 2'33 | price: $2.40
accompaniment: piano

A new introspective piece for Tenor-Bass choirs with an empowering message in Hebrew: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” Highly accessible ranges, repetitive and catchy vocal lines, and a supportive, stylish accompaniment. Tenor-Bass choirs will love singing and discussing the meaning of this piece. The Hebrew translation and pronunciation guide is included in the octavo. 

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CoverThe Light I Cannot See [level: Medium]
Brian A. Foy
RELEASED: August 2023
voicing: TTBB | catalog number: SBMP 1752 | duration: c. 4'04 | price: $2.40
accompaniment: piano

“Play me the music I cannot hear…” A beautiful and heart-warming new piece about neurodiversity for Tenor-Bass ensembles with piano accompaniment. Written in the form of a conversation, this popular-song style choral work flows along with plenty of rhythmic interest and dissonant harmonies. As the piece goes on, the audience learns that the “light” being described represents the unseen value of those who are neurodivergent, and that we can work  through this disconnect in communication if we stand together, regardless of cognitive identities. 

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CoverIt All Will Come Out Right [level: Easy]
Matt Carlson | Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
RELEASED: July 2023
voicing: TB | catalog number: SBMP 1747 | duration: c. 3’20 | price: $2.40
accompaniment: piano

A comforting new piece for Tenor-Bass choirs with piano accompaniment. With speech-driven rhythms and a rhythmic piano part, this feel-good piece is enjoyable for singers and audiences alike. Written in mostly two-parts throughout, with some occasional splits, this is highly accessible and very singable! Great for Tenor-Bass choirs of all ages. 

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CoverWait With Me [level: Medium]
Coleman Peterson
RELEASED: July 2023
voicing: TTBB | catalog number: SBMP 1744 | duration: c. 3’55 | price: $2.50
accompaniment: a cappella

Powerful harmonies. Captivating lyrics. High school and college Tenor-Bass ensembles of all sizes will bond together singing this ballad and creed of true friendship. With glorious suspensions and modern parallel a cappella movement, this choral piece explores the promises we can make to the people we love -- that when life's storms set in, we'll be right at their side, waiting with them for the wind to stop howling and the sky to open.

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I Dream A World
by Nancy Hill Cobb