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Book: Sing Better As You Age

By: Victoria Meredith    

Catalog Number: SBMP 739     Price: $16.95    ISBN# 978-0-9648071-6-7

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Note to the Singer
This book is designed as an interactive workbook that will help you to understand how your voice works, and to gain insight into what is taking place physically as you experience vocal changes. Most important, it presents ideas as to what types of actions you can take to improve the condition of your voice so that you can enjoy singing to its fullest.

Note to the Conductor
With an average population that is becoming older each year, many conductors are finding an increase in the number of mature singers in their choirs. Specifically, conductors working with a church or community choir are now often in the unique position of needing new tools to guide these singers toward preserving, or re-building, a healthy vocal condition. This book provides those tools in the form of guidelines and practical exercises geared to enhancing vocal vitality and longevity for adult singers of all ages.

The Association of Canadian Choral Conductors has named Sing Better As You Age the recipient of the 2008 National Choral Award for Outstanding Choral Publication.



Dr. Victoria Meredith is the author of dozens of articles about choral music; and she has served as editor of choral octavos, books, and monographs. An experienced conductor and educator, she is a professor at the University of Western Ontario (Canada). Her choirs have received numerous national awards and her expertise is frequently sought as a clinician and guest conductor. As a leader in the field of choral music, she has served as President of the Association of Canadian Choral Conductors and on the Editorial Board of the American Choral Directors Association's Choral Journal. She is the founder of the innovative choralconnections Adult Choral Program for adult singers of all ages interested in combining vocal conditioning with choral rehearsal and performance.


1 Adult Choral Singers: Who, Why & How?

How to Use This Resource
Adult Choral Singers Describe the Benefits of Choral Singing
2 The Many Sides of Choral Singing
Vocal Skills
Artistic Communication
3 The Singer’s Voice
A Brief Look at How Voices Work
Quiz for the Singer: Test Your Vocal Vocabulary
4 What Happens to Bodies as They Age?
Physical Signs of Aging
Physical Conditioning—It’s Up to You!
Question for the Singer: What is Your Current Physical State?
Question for the Singer: What is Your Current Exercise Regimen?
5 What Happens to Voices as They Age?
Age-Related Functional Changes in the Singing Process
Some Musical Signs of Vocal Aging
Vocal Health Suggestions
Adult Choral Singers Comment on Vocal Changes and Challenges
6 Guidelines for Vocal (Re-)Conditioning
Components of a Well-Structured Vocal Conditioning Routine
Ways to Use the Vocal Conditioning Routines
Design Your Own Vocal Conditioning Routine
Pronunciation of the Sounds Used in the Exercises
Vocal Practice Record
Vocal Conditioning Routines 1 - 8
Create Your Own Vocal Conditioning Routine
Cool-Down Suggestions
Breath Management Chart
What Part Should You Sing?
Find Your Range and Tessitura
7 Vocal Changes and Challenges
Exercises for Vocal Changes and Challenges
Increase Breath Control
Expanding Scale Exercise
Vibrato Management Exercises
Expressive Singing for Individuals and Groups
Vowel Uniformity and Diphthong Exercises
Legato, Staccato, Martellato Attacks
Dynamics and Challenging Consonants
Word Stress
8 Ensemble Musicianship Skills
Preparation—The Model Chorister
Increase Your Listening Skills
Practice Less Common Patterns
Watch the Conductor
Common Beat Patterns
Learn to Read Music
Decipher the Parts of the Musical Score
Rhythmic Relationships
Pitch Relationships
Interval Exercise
Music Reading Suggestions
9 The Next Step
Joining a Choir

Score Study Practice: Blue Bird
Score Study Practice: Still wie die Nacht
Score Study Practice: People, Look East
Score Study Practice: Sonnet of the Moon

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