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CD: Octavos 19

Catalog Number: SBMP CD19   Price: $2.00

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Track 1. Laughing Song - SBMP 762 [SATB/opt. children’s chorus] David Dickau
University of Miami Frost Chorale, Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor

Track 2. Piping Down the Valleys Wild - SBMP 761 [SATB/children’s chorus] David Dickau
Minnesota State University Mankato Concert Choir, David Dickau, conductor
and the Mankato Children’s Chorus, Julie Aune, conductor

Track 3. I Dream a World - SBMP 736 [SATB] Joan Szymko
St. Mary’s Inter. School, Tokyo, Japan, International Show Choir, Randy Stenson, conductor

Track 4. Silent Noon - SBMP 815 [SATB] David Dickau
Minnesota State University Mankato concert Choir, David Dickau, conductor

Track 5. A Winter Landscape - SBMP 790[SATB div.] Lane Johnson
Northern Arizona University Shrine of the Ages Choir, Edith A. Copley, conductor

Track 6. Missa Maria - Kyrie - SBMP 830 [SATB div.] Michael Eglin
Track 7. Missa Maria - Gloria - SBMP 830 or 827 [SATB div.] Michael Eglin
Track 8. Missa Maria - Ave Maria - SBMP 830 or 828 [SATB div.] Michael Eglin
Track 9. Missa Maria - Sanctus-Benedictus - SBMP 830 or 829 [SATB div.] Michael Eglin
Track 10. Missa Maria - Agnus Dei - SBMP 830 [SATB div.] Michael Eglin
tracks 6-10 - Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces, Nathan Kreitzer, conductor

Track 11. Hine Ma Tov - SBMP 286 [SA(T)B] arr. Neil Ginsberg
University of Miami Frost Chorale, Jo-Michael Sceibe, conductor

Track 12. You Cannot Lose My Love - SBMP 824 [SATB div.] Sara Groves, arr. Susan LaBarr
Missouri State University Concert Chorale, Guy Webb, conductor

Track 13. Angels We Have Heard on High - SBMP 805 [SSATBB] arr. Drew Collins
The Singers: Minnesota Choral Artists, Matthew Culloton, conductor

Track 14. Barter - SBMP 823 [SATB div.] Michael Eglin
Pacific Chorale, John Alexander, conductor

Track 15. The Moon is Distant from the Sea - SBMP 764 [TTBB] David N. Childs
Turtle Creek Chorale, Jonathan Palant, conductor

Track 16. Here Inside My Heart - SBMP 825 [SATBB] Andrea Ramsey
Friends University Concert Choir, Rolaine Hetherington, conductor

Track 17. To Daffodils - SBMP 745 [SATB] Andrea Ramsey
Arkansas Tech University Chorale, Ray Wheeler, conductor

Track 18. Blue Bird - SBMP 73 [SATB] Korean folk song, arr. Jungsun Lee
The New Choir of San Jose, CA, Eileen Chang, conductor

Track 19. Wuh-Duh-Yuh Do with a Drunken Sailor? - SBMP 782 [TTB] arr. Allen Koepke
University of Nebraska Varsity Men’s Chorus, Peter Eklund, conductor


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Brian A. Foy