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 Brian O’Donnell

Brian O’Donnell is a French hornist, composer, and conductor currently living in Northern California. Active in the Sacramento musical community, he spends much of his time teaching brass, performing with regional orchestras and theater companies, and guest conducting local orchestras. He earned a B.A. in music composition and a B.M. in French horn performance at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he studied composition with Joel Feigin, Leslie Hogan, and Jeremy Haladyna, and French horn with Dr. Steven Gross. He is currently pursuing a Master of Music in orchestral conducting at California State University, Sacramento under Leo Eylar.

Brian’s compositions have been performed at the first and second Southwest Horn Conventions in San Diego, the International Horn Conference in San Francisco, the Southwest Horn Conference in Las Vegas, and the UC Santa Barbara Symphony, where O’Donnell won the Orchestral Composition Competition of 2011. His music was additionally featured in the October 2011 “Aware and Prepare” public service announcement campaign of Santa Barbara County and has been sung by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington D.C., as well as a cappella choruses throughout the state of California.

Brian O’Donnell has 1 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Sound of Silence TTBB, Solo SBMP 1367 Audio Audio

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