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 Alexander Tanev

Alexander Tanev (1928-1996) is one of Bulgariaís eminent 20th Century composers. He graduated from Sofia University as a law student, then enrolled at the State Academy of Music and graduated with degrees in composition and conducting. In the years that followed he worked as an editor for music publications and concurrently conducted the choir of the State Academy of Music, where he joined the theory faculty and began teaching composition. He later became Dean of the Faculty. Throughout his life Tanev was an active public figure promoting Bulgarian music to the best of his abilities. He served as a member of arts councils and organizational committees that directed music programs throughout Bulgaria. As a member of the executive board of the Bulgarian Composers Union, he was among the initiators of the annual publication New Bulgarian Music. For a number if years he was artistic chair of the Bulgarian Choral Union. Tanev composed works for every choral medium, leaving over sixty choral compositions. A substantial number of these works are in the permanent repertoire of many Bulgarian ensembles. Among Tanevís other comfor winds and percussion, other orchestral and chamber works, and music for the stage.positions are three oratorios, five cantatas, two concertos for piano and orchestra, a concerto

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