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 Douglas E. Wagner

Douglas E. Wagner (b. 1952), a native of Chicago, Illinois, is an internationally recognized composer and arranger.

With thirty years as a secondary school music educator and administrator behind him, Mr. Wagner now devotes all of his time and energy to writing, editing and their allied activities. He is an A.S.C.A.P. award-winning composer, an editor for a major publishing company, and has served several denominations as a church musician.

2,400 titles of the music of Douglas E. Wagner have been published since 1973, including original works and arrangements for choir (church and school), concert band, orchestra, handbell ensemble, organ, piano, instrumental solo and voice. Well over fourteen million copies of his music have been sold to date.

Performances of Mr. Wagner's music have been noted in concert settings and on television and radio broadcasts in the United States, as well as on concert programs and broadcasts in no less than twenty-six foreign countries.

He resides in Indianapolis with his wife, Sandy, a professional artist and music engraver.

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Douglas E. Wagner has 1 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Sing No Sad Songs for Me SATB SBMP 380

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