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2021 Best Sellers

CoverA Nationís Strength [level: Medium]
Zachary Moore

voicing: TTBB | catalog number: SBMP 1452 | price: $2.20
accompaniment: piano, Bb trumpet

Brave men who work while others sleep, Who dare while others fly... They build a nationís pillars deep And lift them to the sky. So ends the text of this extraordinary piece. Dramatic accompaniment helps deliver the profound message. Men and boys will love singing this.

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CoverFare Ye Well [level: Medium]
arr. Stacey V. Gibbs | Bowling Green State University Choral Series

voicing: TTBB div. | catalog number: SBMP 1432 | price: $2.20
accompaniment: a cappella

Mr. Gibbs puts the men to test with this blockbuster of a piece. With a soloist, at at times a trio, and seven parts vying for center stage, this piece is a great closer. It is bound to get an audience on their feet as the singers bid them Fare Ye Well.

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CoverFirefighterís Creed [level: Easy]
Vijay Singh

voicing: TTBB | catalog number: SBMP 1445 | price: $2.05
accompaniment: a cappella/trpt., chime

This composition is both dramatic and profound. It offers a unique salute to firefighters via a poignant text, and music that is memorable. The initial intoning of a chime, and a short trumpet refrain, add color to the bold and sometimes sensitive singing of the men.

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CoverPiping Tim [level: Easy]
arr. D. Shawn Berry | Gary Packwood Choral Series

voicing: TB | catalog number: SBMP 1449 | price: $2.15
accompaniment: piano, flute

This beloved rollicking song will be an audience delight, their only problem being that they might wish they could sing along, A great closer.

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