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2021 Best Sellers

CoverHold Fast to Dreams [level: Medium]
Susan LaBarr

voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1426 | duration: 4:35 | price: $2.15
accompaniment: piano

The Langston Hughes poem warns us that “when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow.” The message is one to live by, and as can be expected of this composer, the music is special.

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CoverInvitation to Love [level: Medium]
Marques L. A. Garrett

voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1454 | duration: 5:15 | price: $2.20
accompaniment: piano

A great showpiece for the ladies, they will love singing this. Some aleatoric adventure highlights the dramatic ending of this extraordinary composition.

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CoverI’ve Got Peace Like a River [level: Easy]
arr. D. Shawn Berry | Gary Packwood Choral Series

voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1419 | price: $2.15
accompaniment: piano

I’VE GOT PEACE LIKE A RIVER, and THE WATER IS WIDE are here combined in a two-piece medley. The beloved melodies of each will make this very special for singers and audiences.

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CoverOne Household, High and Low [level: Medium]
Andrew Maxfield | Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series

voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1436 | duration: 1:50 | price: $2.05
accompaniment: a cappella

Composed in the style of a Sacred Harp piece, this one really cooks. The melody lies in the tenor, and can be doubled at the octave as can the soprano part, thereby creating a delightful six parts. The Wendell Berry text ends “and all the earth shall sing.” May it be so!

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CoverSisi ni moja (We Are One) [level: Medium]
Jacob Narverud | Janeal Krehbiel Choral Series

voicing: SA | catalog number: SBMP 1439 | duration: 4:10 | price: $2.30
accompaniment: piano, djembe

Ever clever, composer Narverud came up with a highly rhythmic celebratory composition. The title translates “We are one”, the theme being that all human beings have much in common. The energetic djembe sets the tone, the piano adds its own rhythmic design, and the singers deliver the message, at times sounding as though there should be a campfire at the center of their circle. This BEST SELLER is great fun, a profound message, and an intriguing piece. See composer notes below for pronunciation.

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