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CoverThe Beauty of Life [level: Medium]
Robert S. Cohen: Bio and other works
voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1299 | duration: 2:45 | price: $2.1
accompaniment: piano

The superbly imaginative poem of Ronald Cadmus comes to vivid life via this creative composition. With its theme of saving the planet and all the creatures therein, this is truly a song worth singing.

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Flowers in the field
Fish in the sea Fireflies dance to the cricket symphony
Eagles in flight
Starlight at night
The Beauty of Life;
Ours to see
Itís good to be alive
To be happy and free.

Bright verdent leaves
Fall from the trees
Sail on the songs of the whispíring breeze
Over babbling brooks
And flowing streams
Searching for their magical mystical dreams
Humming birds, loons,
Frisky baboons
The Beauty of Life
Ours to see
Itís good to be alive
To be happy and free.

Soft Queen Anneís lace
The moonís smiling face
Grasshoppers, beetles and bugs
Spiders and ants
Salamanders that dance
Daddy long legs and slimy black slugs

Croak, Chirp, Cuckoo, Meow, Hooo

Tall meadow grass
Storm clouds that pass
Leaving the scent
Of a sweet tranquility
Sunrise at dawn,
Springtimeís new spawn
Bringing the promise of possibility
Joy in each face
As the whole human race
Longs to safeguard our planet from harm

Nurturing trees
Cleansing the seas
Saving the whales,
Dolphins and snails
For pure crystal skies,
Open your eyes.
So lifeís beauty all children may see.
Itís good to be alive
Where all creatures can thrive
In a world that is happy and free.

By Ronald W. Cadmus
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