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CoverLife is Beautiful (La Vita Bella) [level: Medium]
Z. Randall Stroope : Bio and other works
RELEASED: March 2024
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1758 | duration: 4'29 | price: $2.70
accompaniment: piano

With heartfelt original lyrics by renowned composer Z. Randall Stroope, this intriguing piece is perfect for developing middle level and high school choirs. Sung in English, with an Italian hook (La vita Bella), all choirs will sound stunning performing this! A gorgeous, flowing piano accompaniment supports the voices throughout. Life is about accepting that change is inevitable, finding peace in the midst of uncertainty, and enjoying each day while looking forward to, and preparing for, the future. A poignant statement for any concert or festival, but especially appropriate for end-of-the-year concerts, moving-up ceremonies, and graduations.

performance by: James E. Taylor High School - Casey Carruth and Jo Wasicek, conductors

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La Vita Bella (Life is Beautiful)

One idle July afternoon when I was one and ten, and barefoot free,
Lost in cloudless days, carefree innocence,
With waking curiosity, I climb'd up in the apple tree
And look'd out and dream'd of life beyond this place.

La vita la bella,
My credo, my stay.
La vita bella,
My shelter alway.

One hurried July afternoon when I was one and twenty, running free,
Lost in all that was, lost in all that is,
Impatient to grow roots and wings, I walk'd right past the apple tree
And look'd out and left all memories behind.

La vita la bella,
My credo, my stay.
La vita bella,
My shelter alway

One lazy July afternoon when I was one and sixty, maybe more,
Lost in hollow dreams and vain delusion,
Now years have pass'd, no longer can I climb into the apple tree
I look'd out and realiz'd that life had been there all the time.

La vita la bella,
My credo, my stay.
La vita bella,
My shelter alway

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