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CoverMoh lee hwah [level: Easy]
arr. B. Wayne Bisbee: Bio and other works
voicing: SA(T)B | catalog number: SBMP 847 | duration: 2:50 | price: $2.15
accompaniment: piano; opt. hand chimes

Composer Bisbee has painted a beautiful picture of a Chinese garden. The gentle finger cymbals set the tone, the piano adding embellishment like a colorful blossom in the garden. To be sung in Chinese, there is a pronunciation guide for this easy text.

performance by: Midi File [© all rights reserved]

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How ee doh may lee dee moh lee hwah
How pretty the Jasmine flowers,

Fehnn fawng may lee mahnn juh yah
Lovely, fragrant, and lavish.

Yoh s(ee)ahng yoh bye rehnn rehnn kwah
Everyone loves how beautifully white and fragrant they are.

Rahng woh lah(ee) j(ee)ahng nee tzah(ee) s(ee)ah
I will go pick some

Sohng gay b(ee)eh rehnn j(ee)ah.
To share with my friends.

Moh lee hwah, moh lee hwah.
Jasmine flowers, Jasmine flowers.

Unaccented diphthongs are in parenthesis.

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