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CD: Octavos 17

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Track 1: People, Look East - SBMP 732 [SATB] arr. by Drew Collins
The Singers: Minnesota Choral Artists, Matthew Culloton, conductor

Track 2: Keramos - SBMP 725 [SATB div.] Stephen Schwartz
The Choral Project, Daniel Hughes, conductor

Track 3: I Lift My Eyes - SBMP 691 [SATB] Joan Szymko
University of Delaware Chorale, Paul D. Head, conductor

Track 4: Come Unto Me - SBMP 746 [SATB div.] Jason Shelton
Collegium Vocale, Vanderbilt University, David Childs, conductor

Track 5: Koowu - SBMP 695 [SSA] Maryam Khoury
Women of the Northern Arizona Univ. Shrine of the Ages Choir, Edith Copley, conductor

Track 6: Loosin Yelav - SBMP 698 [SATB] arr. Paul Carey
Western Michigan University Chorale, James K. Bass, conductor

Track 7: When I Hear Her I Have Wings - SBMP 673 [TTBB] Mark Templeton
Ohio State University Menís Glee Club, James Gallagher, conductor

Track 8: The New Moon - SBMP 708 [SATB div.] David N. Childs
Choral Arts Ensemble, Michael Culloton, conductor

Track 9: What Sweeter Music - SBMP 758 [SATB div.] J. Edmund Hughes
Mesa High School A Cappella Choir, GermŠn Aguilar, conductor

Track 10: Spring - SBMP 612 [SA] Dan Powers
The Michigan State University Treble Choir, Mary Alice Stollak, conductor

Track 11: Alleluia - SBMP 707 [SATB div.] Terry Schlenker
St. Martinís Chamber Choir, Timothy Krueger, conductor

Track 12: To Know the Dark - SBMP 754 [SSA] Joan Szymko
Pleiades, Joan Szymko, conductor

Track 13: Sea Fever - SBMP 727 [TTBB] Nancy Hill Cobb
Ohio State University Menís Glee Club, Robert Ward, conductor

Track 14: Sleeping Out: Full Moon - SBMP 769 [SATB] Joshua Shank
Young New Yorkersí Chorus, Michael Kerschner, conductor

Track 15: The Fiddler of Dooney - SBMP 748 [SATB] Daniel J. Hall
West Texas A&M University Chorale, Daniel J. Hall, conductor

Track 16: Hanerot Halalu - SBMP 595 [SATB] arr. Niel Ginsberg
Connecticut Master Chorale, Tina Johns Heidrich, conductor

Track 17: Weeping Mary - SBMP 750 [SATB] arr. Brad Holmes
Millikin University Choir, Brad Holmes, conductor

Track 18: Rejoice! - SBMP 728 [SATB] Jeffery L. Ames
University of Miami Chorale, Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor