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CD: Octavos 18

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Track 1: Follow the Drinking Gourd - SBMP 756 [SATB div.] arr. Allen Koepke
Luther College Nordic Choir, Craig Arnold, conductor

Track 2: Lux aeterna - SBMP 713 [SATB div./sop. solo] David Dickau
Northwestern College Choir, Timothy Sawyer, conductor

Track 3: I Am Not Yours - SBMP 568 [SSAA] David N. Childs
Loughside Chamber Choir, Ireland, Judith Watson, conductor

Track 4: Alma Redemptoris Mater - SBMP 772 [SATB ] Jason R. Bush
International Orange Chorale, Paul Kim and Jeremy Faust, conductors

Track 5: Ave, Regina coelorum - SBMP 773 [SATB] Jason R. Bush
California State University, Long Beach, University Choir, Jonathan Talberg, conductor

Track 6: Regina coeli - SBMP 774 [SATB] Jason R. Bush
California State University, Stanislaus, Concert Chorale, Daniel R. Afonso, Jr., conductor

Track 7: Salve Regina - SBMP 775 [SATB] Jason R. Bush
San Francisco State University Chamber Singers, Joshua Habermann, conductor

Track 8: The Peace of Wild Things - SBMP 692 [SATB ] Joan Szymko
University of Delaware Chorale, Paul D. Head, conductor

Track 9: Come to Me in the Silence - SBMP 591 [SATB div.] Craig Kingsbury
S. OR. Repertory Singers and S. OR. Univ. Chamber Choir, Dr. Paul T. French, conductor

Track 10: So We’ll Go No More A-Roving - SBMP 740 [SATB] Daniel Hughes
The Choral Project, Daniel Hughes, conductor

Track 11: Destiny - SBMP 717 [SATB] Jacob Groff
Woodland Scholars, Mark Singleton, conductor

Track 12: In Remembrance - SBMP 538 [SATB/S solo] David N. Childs
Collegium Vocale, Vanderbilt University, David Childs, conductor

Track 13: Peace Like a River - SBMP 417 [SSAA] arr. Joan Szymko
Belle Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble, Margaret Green, conductor

Track 14: Jenny Kiss’d Me - SBMP 718 [TTBB] Paul Carey
University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, Paul Rardin, conductor

Track 15: A Christmas Carol - SBMP 759 [SATB] Joshua Shank
Mesa High School A Cappella Choir, Germán Aguilar, conductor

Track 16: My Spirit Is Uncaged - SBMP 771 [SATB] Paul Rardin
The Choral Project, Daniel Hughes, conductor

Track 17: Ye Jaliya-o - SBMP 734 [SSA div.] Joan Szymko
Pleiades, Joan Szymko, conductor

Track 18: There was a time - SBMP 770 [SATB div. sop. solo] Eric William Barnum
Choral Arts Ensemble, Michael Culloton, conductor


Tu Voz
by Shawn
L. Kirchner