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 Victoria Ebel-Sabo

Victoria Ebel-Sabo (b. 1957) besides being a pianist, composer and teacher, is an avid outdoors woman and adventure traveler. It is from her mountain climbing, back country skiing, and wilderness backpacking experiences that she receives inspiration for her compositions. She and her husband, Daniel, have trekked and skied in numerous mountain ranges throughout the world. One of the most challenging and rewarding journeys was a 650 mile hike which began in Belfort, a small city in the eastern part of France, and continued south to Nice, on the Mediterranean. Victoria was raised on a cattle ranch, high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains; she and Daniel have summitted every one of the 54 fourteen thousand foot peaks in that state.

Victoria Ebel-Sabo has 1 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Beauty of the Rain 2 part treble SBMP 387 Audio