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 Tara Traxler

Tara Traxler was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she started singing in the internationally-known Cincinnati Childrenís Choir at a young age. She began writing choral music at age fifteen in her high school music theory class and attracted the attention of her high school teachers. At the age of seventeen, her piece The Crossing was awarded second place in the Cincinnati Childrenís Choir composition competition and became her compositional debut. She has since attended several premieres of her music by choirs in the Cincinnati area. At age twenty-one, she is now pursuing a bachelor of music in Music Composition and Theory at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This year Fireflies was awarded first place in the Cincinnati Childrenís Choir Composition Competition and was performed in May 2014. She plans to pursue a masterís degree in Music Theory or Choral Studies upon her graduationfrom ORU.

Tara Traxler has 2 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Birds of Passage SSAA SBMP 1378 Audio Audio Video
Fireflies SSAA SBMP 1253 Audio Audio

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