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 Kirk Aamot

Kirk Aamot (b. 1970) is the founding conductor of the Flint Festival Youth Chorus at the Flint School of Performing Arts, an auditioned chorus for young people in the greater Flint community. He has published several arrangements and editions for choirs of various ages and his reviews of choral music performance practice and teaching philosophy have been published in state, regional and national publications of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA). Dr. Aamot received his D.M.A. degree in the Literature and Performance of Choral Music from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He also holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from St. Olaf College.

Kirk Aamot has 2 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Mendelssohnís Prayer for Peace SA SBMP 884 Audio Audio
Mozart's Adagio SA SBMP 565 Audio Audio