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 Judy A. Rose

Judy A. Rose has worked for Portland Public Schools (Oregon) as a Music Teacher since 2000. She has a B.S. and Masterís degree in Music Education from Portland State University. Judy has been an active music director, accompanist and singer in the Portland Metro area. She is also a Facilitator with the Center for Courage and Renewal (Courage To Teach). Judy enjoys spending time with her family, playing the Native American flute, composing music, birding, & photography.

Judy A. Rose has 6 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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A Jubilant Day SATB SBMP 1566 Audio Audio Video
I Feel Tired Sometimes SATB SBMP 1675 Audio Audio Video
Iíve Found Me a River SATB/SAT SBMP 1624 Audio Audio
My Lord Good Lord SATB SBMP 1625 Audio Audio
Om, Shanti, Om SSATB SBMP 1613 Audio Audio Video
Yemaya Assessu: A Hymn of Thanksgiving SATB div. SBMP 1537 Audio Audio Video

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