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ePrint Licensed PDF Choral Scores

Instead of shipping copies of music and charging customers expensive international shipping charges, we offer an alternative ePrint licensed PDF that is normally e-mailed within 24 hours of placing your order M-F. Your customized licensed ePrint will include the conductor, choir and or schools name along with photocopy permission that will legally allow you to duplicate the number of copies that you ordered. Please note that all ePrint orders are non-transferable and final sales once they have been processed. [View a sample ePrint page HERE]

Legal use requires a purchased ePrint score for every member of the ensemble.
(20 singers, 1 conductor and 1 accompanist = order for 22 ePrint copies)

If you wish to order a ePrint, select "INTERNATIONAL EPRINT" as your shipping method during check out. Make sure to include a conductor and choir/school name on your order form to avoid delays.

Before using your credit card to place an order, please notify your credit card company of the order with Santa Barbara Music Publishing in the United States to avoid your card from being declined. This is a common issue with International credit cards for the card holders protection.

Support the Choral Arts and please only print the number of scores that you are licensed to print. Printing more copies than you purchased is the same as illegally photocopying printed scores. We rely on your honesty in purchasing all reproduced copies so we can pay our composers and arrangers the royalties they deserve allowing them to continue creating new music for choirs to sing.

If you have any question regarding a ePrint order, please contact:

Tu Voz
by Shawn
L. Kirchner