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CoverWoven Together [level: Medium]
Jacob Narverud: Bio and other works
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1151 | duration: 6:30 | price: $2.25
accompaniment: piano; opt. inst. ens.
OPTIONAL INSTRUMENT PARTS: SBMP 1151.1 [conductor score/parts] $59.95 Order

Based on a pentatonic Sacred Harp tune, this piece affords several performance options beyond SATB. The introduction could allow a procession; a children’s chorus could sing one of the verses; a program insert could invite the audience join in on one verse. Composed for a massed choir event, it is that rare piece that can serve this purpose. The uplifting text advocates togetherness and thankfulness and speaks to all ages. Optional instrument ensemble: vln. 1, 2, vla., cello, marimba, 2 hns, trb., tuba, piano, opt. organ

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As we gather here together,
may we cast out all our fears,
rest our minds and ease our worries,
open now our eyes and ears.
As we wander through this wide world,
may we find our dreams from youth.
Always working, ever searching
for life’s meaning and for truth.
Give us passion, give us patience,
give us dignity and grace.
Give us hope and understanding
as we journey through this place.
Through the seasons, through the changes,
please allow us to be calm.
Through the torments and the struggles,
may we find our strength in song.
In the autumn, in the winter,
in the summer, and in spring,
may we see the beauty ’round us
and allow our hearts to sing.
May our sisters and our brothers
feel their purpose and their worth.
May our fathers and our mothers
know the love we share in birth.
May we hold this bond forever,
placing diff’rences aside,
knowing that our days are numbered,
so in peace we must abide.
Let us join as one, together,
now in thankfulness and praise,
as we count the many blessings
woven into all our days.
We are willing, we are able,
we are hopeful, we are strong.
May we know the ground we’re standing on
is the ground where we belong.
In the moment of my final breath,
let me yearn for nothing more.
Filled with laughter, filled with mem’ries,
reaching for the farther shore.
I will sing a song of triumph,
having lived a life that’s free,
joining hands with those before me
, then, for all eternity.

by Jacob Narverud

Allegro Choirs of Kansas City - Christy Elsner, conductor [© all rights reserved]

Allegro Singers - Christy Elsner, conductor
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