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 Jacob Narverud

Jacob "Jake" Narverud (b.1986) is an American composer/arranger, conductor, and pianist of Norwegian descent. A native Kansan, Narverud is the Founding Artistic Director of the Tallgrass Chamber Choir, a professional ensemble of musicians from across the Great Plains. Dr. Narverud is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences and is the Editor of Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.

Known for his eclectic choral catalog, Jake is internationally recognized for his original compositions, arrangements of Broadway and Popular music, and performance editions of choral works from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical eras. As a sought-after composer, Jake has been commissioned to write new music for over fifty choral organizations nationwide as well as ensembles in Australia and Japan. Many of Narverud’s pieces are Best Sellers and are performed worldwide by choirs of all levels.

Website: - YouTube: Jacob Narverud Series Channel

Jacob Narverud has 56 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Agnus Dei SSAATTBB div. SBMP 1471 Audio Audio Video
August -NEW SATB SBMP 1692 Audio Audio
Be the Change SATB SBMP 1571 Audio Audio Video
Be the Change SSA SBMP 1572 Audio Audio
Be the Change TTBB SBMP 1573 Audio Audio
Be the Change SA SBMP 1643 Audio Audio
Child of My Heart SSA SBMP 1192 Audio Audio Video
Gloria TTBB SBMP 1262 Audio Audio Video
Gravitas SATB SBMP 1649 Audio Audio Video
Gravitas -NEW SSAA SBMP 1723 Audio Audio Video
Hodie SSA SBMP 1620 Audio Audio Video
Hodie SATB SBMP 1619 Audio Audio
Hodie TBB SBMP 1621 Audio Audio
Hope for the World (We Sing) SATB SBMP 1418 Audio Audio
Ich will den Herrn loben allezeit SATB SBMP 1355 Audio Audio
In the Silence SATB SBMP 1284 Audio Audio Video
Jambo SSA SBMP 1134 Audio Audio Video
Jambo TBB SBMP 1139 Audio Audio
Jambo SAB SBMP 1146 Audio Audio Video
Jambo SATB SBMP 1309 Audio Video
Kansas City Kitty TB SBMP 1137 Audio Audio Video
Let the Sea Make a Noise SSA SBMP 1444 Audio Audio Video
Long Ago (In the Bleak Midwinter) SATB SBMP 1669 Audio Audio
Lunar Lullaby SATB SBMP 1431 Audio Audio Video
Lunar Lullaby TTBB SBMP 1535 Audio Audio Video
Lunar Lullaby SA SBMP 1282 Audio Audio Video
Lunar Lullaby -NEW Unison SBMP 1722 Audio Audio
May Wind (Set Me Free) SSA(A) SBMP 1655 Audio Audio Video
Missa de Cinque Terre SAATBB div. SBMP 1464 Audio Video
Morningsong -NEW SSA(A) SBMP 1676 Audio Audio Video
Morningsong -NEW SSATB SBMP 1677 Audio Audio Video
My Spirit Looks SATB SBMP 1661 Audio Audio
O Burning Mountain SATB SBMP 1205 Audio Audio
O Praise the Lord with Heart and Voice SSA SBMP 1186 Audio Audio
Prairie Lullaby (Home on the Range) -NEW SATB SBMP 1699 Audio Audio
Prairie Lullaby (Home on the Range) -NEW TBB SBMP 1701 Audio Audio
Prairie Lullaby (Home on the Range) -NEW SSA(A) SBMP 1700 Audio Audio
Quest of the Kings TTBB SBMP 1183 Audio Audio
Sanctus SATB div. SBMP 1580 Audio Audio
Sicut locutus est SATB SBMP 1570 Audio Audio Video
Sisi ni moja (We Are One) SA SBMP 1439 Audio Audio Video
Sisi ni moja (We Are One) TBB SBMP 1481 Audio Audio Video
Sisi ni moja (We Are One) SA(T)B SBMP 1338 Audio Audio Video
Sisi ni moja (We Are One) SAB SBMP 1646 Audio Audio
Sisi ni moja (We Are One) -NEW Unison SBMP 1697 Audio Audio Video
Sisi ni moja (We Are One) -NEW Two-Part Mixed SBMP 1694 Audio Audio Video
Sisi ni moja (We Are One) -NEW SSAA SBMP 1693 Audio Audio Video
Star-Spangled Banner TTBB SBMP 1592 Audio
Star-Spangled Banner SATB div. SBMP 1539 Audio Audio
Symbols SATB SBMP 1648 Audio Audio Video
The Song We Sing SATB SBMP 1547 Audio Audio
The Song We Sing TTBB SBMP 1548 Audio Audio Video
The Weaver SATB SBMP 1283 Audio Audio Video
Woven Together SATB SBMP 1151 Audio Audio Video
You Are the Song SSA SBMP 1552 Audio Audio Video
’O Sole Mio TBB SBMP 1364 Audio Audio

Audio = See the complete score    Audio = Hear recording   Video = Watch performance video

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