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CoverHope for the World (We Sing) [level: Medium]
Jacob Narverud: Bio and other works
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1418 | price: $2.50
accompaniment: piano

The uplifting poem with its theme of hope inspired a rhythmic piano accompaniment, and for the singers, great melodies that move from part to part. If ever the occasion arrives for an all-convention or all-city sing, the profound message and conservative ranges make this the perfect choice.

performance by: Kansas City Comrades - Jacob Narverud, conductor [© all rights reserved]

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We sing of yellow dragonflies and brilliant orange sunsets,
of dappled forests and oceans, dancing with life.
We sing of generations of lined and loving faces,
and eyes, clear in their knowing.
We sing for the hope of the children, of hope for the world,
  and the new rooster song, fresh each morning.
We sing of blessed yesterdays and holy tomorrows,
of changing colors: the seasons, shining with light.
Where yellows and oranges, forests and oceans wait for us,
wait to find hope for the world.

Robert Bode

CLICK HERE: Choral Tracks (Practice made simple)

Hope for the World (We Sing) choral track bundle contains a part dominant track for each voice part, a balanced voices track, and an accompaniment track if the work is not a cappella (the accompaniment is also included with the part dominant and balanced voices track). Get more information and listen to samples HERE. Please note that the choral score is not included in the bundle and needs to be ordered separately.

Price: $49.99
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2020 | Arkansas ACDA Clinic - July 20-22
2019 | San Jose State Choral Workshops-July 15, Benson/C Archibeque
2019 | NJMEA Summer Conference - August 8
2018 | Dorian Vocal Festival - Luther College, Decorah, IA - 1/15
2017 | Head's House of Music Choral Panorama 2017, FL
2017 | Foxes Music - Spectrum Choral Reading Session - July 8
2017 | Senseney Music - Reading Session July 28 - Jake Narverud - Clinician
2017 | Reading Session August 5, James Kinchen HS clinician, Bob Lick Sacred Clinician

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