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CoverGypsy Song [level: Medium]
Georges Bizet, arr. Thea Sikora Engelson: Bio and other works
voicing: SA | catalog number: SBMP 1412 | duration: 3:30 | price: $2.10
accompaniment: piano

The famous aria from the opening of act two of Carmen offers a wonderful introduction to the world of opera. The opera, created in French, has the aria here offered in English. With two parts most of the way and moderate ranges, singers young and old can enjoy this.

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The jingles of the sistrum* beat

With bursts of tone bright and metallic.
And to this strange exotic music
The gypsy girls leapt to their feet.
The tambourines beguiled the throng,
Guitars, their rhythm harsh and frantic.
Persistent hands were strumming magic,
The same refrain, the same chanson.
Tra la la la (etc.)

The copper and the silver rings
Upon their dusky skins were glowing.
The skirts streaked red and orange were floating
Like fire they flame upon the wind.
The dance and song became as one (2x),
At first unsure, a bit uncertain
More lively then the music quickens,
Then up and up and up the music spun.
Tra la la la (etc.)

The gypsy men a tour de force
Upon their instruments were raging,
This dazzling din, the girls engaging,
Bewitched, they danced and danced the course.
Charmed by the rhythm of the song (2x),
Enraptured, eager and fanatic
On and on they danced so ecstatic,
Like a whirlwind they soar along.
Tra la la la (etc.)

*A sistrum is an ancient handheld percussion instrument.

Gypsy Song
translated from the French by Thea Engelson

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