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CoverSoar! [level: Medium]
Christopher Fox: Bio and other works
voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1608 | price: $2.20
accompaniment: piano

The text would have us believe that we were meant to soar! Here the music soars, creating the illusion that affirms that thought. An artistic piano accompaniment adds to the delight of the piece.

The 2020 Virginia District XVI Middle School Treble Chorus, Christopher Fox - conductor [© all rights reserved]

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Feet on the ground, standing tall.
Still we wonder, “Is this all?”
If we listen, we can hear the sky call:
Weren’t we made for more?

Here on the ground, others say we’re home.
But something calls us to the great unknown.
A world to explore, all alone;
We were meant to soar!

Ever upwards, ever climbing,
through the clouds, we are rising.
We were meant to soar!

Above the mists, above the plains.
Over the ridge, above the rain,
the world transforms as we glide!

Land fades away. Oceans glisten below.
Exhilaration flows and joy abounds as we fly
toward the sun, everything is clear:
We can achieve, we can be free.
The sky’s the place where we can dream.
Always reaching for more.

We must fly. We must soar!
We were made to soar.

Briana Gresko

The 2020 Virginia District XVI Middle School Treble Chorus, Christopher Fox - conductor

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