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 Christopher Fox

Christopher Fox (b. 1975) is an active guest conductor for honor choirs throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He has been praised for his work with the adolescent male voice and regularly presents workshops to educators across the Tri-State area. He is the Director of Choruses at Bonnie Branch Middle School in Howard County, MD. Mr. Fox received his Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and his Masterís Degree and Kodaly certification, from The American Kodaly Institute at The University of Loyola, Baltimore. He has twice been awarded Teacher of the Year and served for eight years as adjunct faculty for the University of Mary Washington Theatre Department. In his free time, he loves to travel with his wife, Stephanie, and children, Lily and Porter.

Christopher Fox has 14 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Awake My Song SA SBMP 1507 Audio Audio
Awake My Song SAB SBMP 1514 Audio Audio
Awake My Song SSA SBMP 1555 Audio Audio
Climb! SSAA SBMP 1633 Audio Audio Video
Climb! SATB SBMP 1626 Audio Audio Video
Climb! SAB SBMP 1631 Audio Audio Video
I Am Woven SSA SBMP 1543 Audio Audio
Le Lion Amoureux SA SBMP 1622 Audio Audio Video
One River SAB SBMP 1567 Audio Audio Video
One River SA SBMP 1606 Audio Video
Soar! SSA SBMP 1608 Audio Audio Video
The Front TTB SBMP 1597 Audio Audio Video
The Front SATB SBMP 1667 Audio Audio Video
Two Faces of Autumn SA SBMP 1527 Audio Audio Video

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