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CoverThe Front [level: Medium]
Christopher Fox: Bio and other works
RELEASED: January 2022
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1667 | price: $2.25
accompaniment: piano, snare drum, cello
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A sonnet to a fallen soldier/poet, this moving work examines the healing effect of nature in the aftermath of war, and midway through, shifts to recognize the sacrifice made by so many.   The lyrical content provides an opportunity for singers to explore the difficult theme of war while focusing on healing and looking forward, supplemented by a lush cello and bookended by a marching snare cadence reminiscent of the sound of battle.

performance by: The Glenelg High School Chamber Choir - Christopher Fox, conductor [© all rights reserved]

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A Sonnet to Wilfred Owen

Have you seen the Front? It is not as it
Used to be. Larks sing. Shells rust. Fevers cool.
The Winter of the world is in tacit
Armistice with Spring. Living waters pool
In tired foxholes. Proud young forests shelter
No man's land. Moss gilds sandbags, else they spill.
Mine-sunk craters yield to ponds where elder
Turtles sun themselves, warm amid Aisne's chill.
Only the mud is as it was—partout.
It clings to every sole. But certain fields
Block the charging sludge. In them, marble shields
—Or are they dragon's teeth?—mark you, guard you
From the mire. You rest. Your dagger's sheathed.
And yet: How swiftly Nature heals;
how slowly men forget.

Matthew Taylor King

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The Glenelg High School Chamber Choir - Christopher Fox, conductor

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