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 Kevin S. Foster

Kevin S. Foster (b. 1975) studied piano and voice at Ohio Wesleyan University (BM), and choral conducting at Bowling Green State University. His compositions span both sacred and secular music and can be heard both in concert halls and church sanctuaries. His body of work includes several commissioned pieces, and his compositions have been featured in both festival and concert performances. Kevinís dual training in piano and vocal performance are evident in his writing, combining music that is a joy to sing with rich, contemporary piano accompaniment. His compositions receive accolades from performers and audiences alike for their expressive, sensitive text settings. His gift for connecting with people of all ages has earned him respect as a conductor and clinician as well. In addition to composing, Kevin is active in both performing and teaching music. He is is highly sought after for his talents as an accompanist, vocal coach, and singer. When not working, Kevinís time is devoted to his role as a stay-at-home dad. More information can be found at

Kevin S. Foster has 7 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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First Love SSA SBMP 1094 Audio Audio Video
O Love That Will Not Let Me Go SATB SBMP 1322 Audio Audio
Somebodyís Knockiní at Your Door TTBB SBMP 1008 Audio Audio Video
Somebodyís Knockiní at Your Door SATB SBMP 1010 Audio Audio
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled SATB SBMP 1100 Audio Audio
The Light of God SATB SBMP 1026 Audio Audio
Were You There? SATB SBMP 1080 Audio Audio

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Tu Voz
by Shawn
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