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 Rollo A. Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth (b. 1970) is Associate Professor of Choral Music Education at Temple Universityís Boyer College of Music in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in choral music education, he conducts the University Chorale. Prior to his Temple University appointment in 2009, Dilworth was director of the music education program and director of the choral program at North Park University in Chicago (1996-2009). Dilworth has a bachelor of science in music education from Case Western Reserve University; a M.Ed. from University of Missouri-St. Louis; and a D.M.A. from Northwestern University. He is an oft-published composer of choral music, with emphasis in the areas of spirituals and gospel-inspired works.

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Rollo A. Dilworth has 6 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Beside the Still Waters SATB SBMP 607 Audio Audio
Beside the Still Waters SSA SBMP 610 Audio Audio
Iíve Been Buked, Children! SSA SBMP 547 Audio Audio Video
Iíve Been Buked, Children! SATB SBMP 550 Audio Audio
Marchin' to Freedom SSA SBMP 497 Audio Audio
Marchin' to Freedom SATB SBMP 520 Audio Audio

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Sean Barnette