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 Stuart P. O誰eil

Stuart P. O誰eil (b. 1969) has taught vocal and instrumental music for Kansas public schools since 1993. He received a bachelor of music education degree from the University of Nebraska and a master of music theory degree from the University of Kansas. In addition to his work as a teacher and composer, Mr. O誰eil also serves as an arranger, accompanist, adjudicator, and conductor. He currently lives in Lawrence, KS, with his family.

Stuart P. O誰eil has 6 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Black is the Color of My True Love痴 Hair TTB SBMP 1523 Audio Audio
Fillimiooriay -NEW TB SBMP 1637 Audio Audio
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier SATB SBMP 1247 Audio Audio
My Lord, What a Morning SATB SBMP 1485 Audio Audio
The Drunken Sailor TB SBMP 1538 Audio Audio
Wayfaring Stranger -NEW TBB SBMP 1635 Audio Audio