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CoverCradle Hymn [level: Medium]
Kim André Arnesen: Bio and other works
voicing: SSAA | catalog number: SBMP 1163 | duration: 5:10 | price: $2.15
accompaniment: piano, opt. strings (violin 1, 2, viola, cello)
INSTRUMENT PART: SBMP 1163.1 [Optional strings/conductor score] $25.00 Order

The Norwegian composer has created a beautiful, expressive piece set to a poem by the famous English hymn writer Isaac Watts. Sing at Christmas or any time of the year. Also available for Mixed Voices.

CLICK HERE: See and Hear the Complete Score or download a perusal copy: HERE

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Hush my dear, lie still and slumber,
Holy angels guard thy bed!
Heavenly blessings without number
Gently falling on thy head.
See the kindly shepherds round Him,
Telling wonders from the sky!
When they sought Him, there they found Him,
With His Virgin mother by.
See the lovely babe a-dressing;
Lovely infant, how He smiled!
When He wept, the mother’s blessing
Soothed and hush’d the holy child.
May’st thou live to know and fear Him,
Trust and love Him all thy days;
Then go dwell forever near Him,
See His face, and sing His praise!

Isaac Watts (1674–1748)

Denver Kantorei - Joel Rinsema, conductor [© all rights reserved]

CD Recording by: Nidaros Cathedral Girls' Choir - Anita Brevik, conductor [© all rights reserved]
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Nidaros Cathedral Girls' Choir (Trondheim, Norway) Anita Brevik, conductor
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"This is the most glorious piece of music I have ever heard. These young women performed it beautifully. I play it continuously and never tire of it. I’m in awe of the composer’s genius and the talent of the conductor and the young choristers. It is pure joy! Marion R. Stewart"
review by: Marion R. Stewart, Burlington, ON - Canada

"Gorgeous, haunting piece I discovered during the St. Olaf Choir Special in Norway this year. My favorite, by far, during this exquisite concert. Although I am not a musician, I appreciate the talent, sophistication and expertise of this sensitive young composer who has captivated me. I listen over and over to this lullaby, this Cradle Hymn and cannot seem to stop. How I would have loved to been at that concert. It was just superb."
review by: Janis Ferraro, Tucson, AZ -

"The most beautiful choral piece I've ever heard! Brings tears of joy to my 70-year-old eyes! Each listening yields an additional quality to appreciate: of the composer's creative genius, the arranger's sensitivity to voice and orchestral detail, the performers' grasp of the feeling that Kim Andre Arnesen must have felt as he wrote it. It's inspiring to know that the most gifted composers did not all die with Gregorian Chant. A belated thank you to Isaac Watts, and contemporary thanks to all those who brought this music to the Internet! "
review by: Patrick Munroe, Sleepy Hollow, NY -

"This has to be on the top ten of the most beautiful pieces that I've ever heard! Totally perfect for that girls choir in Norway that produced a masterful performance. BRAVO!!!"
review by: Bob Joyner, Lake Mary, FL - Markham Woods Presbyterian Church

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