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 Kim André Arnesen

Kim André Arnesen was educated at the Music Conservatory in Trondheim, Norway. As a composer he had his first performance in 1999 with Nidaros Cathedral’s Boys Choir. Since then he has written music that has been performed by several choirs.

In 2010, his first large-scale work was performed in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. This was a Magnificat commissioned by the Nidaros Cathedral’s Girls Choir. The performance got an overwhelming feedback leading to several new commissions. The Magnificat will be released on CD in 2014 on the record label 2L.

In 2011 his choral motet Even when He is silent was premiered during the St. Olav Festival (Olavsfestdagene) in Trondheim. The motet was commissioned by the festival and was performed during an event with the bishop of Nidaros, Tor Singsaas and the international acclaimed Norwegian actress, Liv Ullmann. The piece was also performed during the World Symposium on Choral Music in Argentina 2011 by the Nidaros Cathedral’s Girls Choir. The mixed choir version of the piece was published on Norsk Musikforlag in 2012. The piece have been performed by several Norwegian choirs and choirs in Estonia and the USA.

In December 2011, his second large-scale work was premiered. This was a Christmas work commissioned by the Trondheim Chamber Choir and conductor Norunn Illevold Giske. In 2012 Arnesen composed two a cappella pieces commissioned by the Trondheim based choir A Cappellissimo and conductor Grete Daling. Arnesen also made a version of his own Christmas Carol, Cradle Hymn, for the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, and arranged two Christmas Carols for the Nidaros Cathedral’s Girls Choir that was performed with the TrondheimSoloists.

Listen to the 2018 release Infinity: Kim André Arnesen Choral Works - HERE
Recorded by Kantorei
- Featuring: O Sacrum Convivium - Child of Song - The Gift I’ll Leave You
Dormi, Jesu - Making or Breaking - Cradle Hymn - The Lamb - Pie Jesu - Infinity - There We Shall Rest.

The Inside Voice | JW Pepper interview with Kim André Arnesen


Kim André Arnesen has 34 titles published with Santa Barbara.
Click on any title below to view the complete score and hear a recording if available.

Child of Song SATB SBMP 1271 Audio Audio
Cradle Hymn TTBB SBMP 1466 Audio Audio Video
Cradle Hymn SSAA SBMP 1163 Audio Audio Video
Cradle Hymn SATB SBMP 1260 Audio Audio
Dormi Jesu SSATB SBMP 1357 Audio Audio Video
Et misericordia SSAA - sop. solo SBMP 1296 Audio Video
Et Misericordia SATB SBMP 1326 Audio Video
Fecit potentiam SSAA SBMP 1295 Audio
Fecit potentiam SATB SBMP 1343 Audio
Infinity SATB div. SBMP 1372 Audio Audio Video
Love’s Onward Journey SSAA SBMP 1272 Audio Audio Video
Magnificat SSAA - sop. solo SBMP 1293 Audio Video
Magnificat SATB - sop. solo SBMP 1305 Audio Video
Making or Breaking SSAATTBB SBMP 1369 Audio Audio
Norwegian Alleluia SATB SBMP 1393 Audio Audio
O sacrum convivium SATB div. SBMP 1259 Audio Audio Video
Oh Beloved SATB div. sop/tenor solos SBMP 1373 Audio Audio
Pie Jesu SATB SBMP 1303 Audio Audio
Pie Jesu SATB div. SBMP 1550 Audio
Requiem for Solace - choral score SATB chorus, mezzo soprano & child soloist SBMP 1556 Video
Requiem for Solace - choral score TTBB chorus, solo baritone & child soloist SBMP 1557 Video
Searching Love SSAA SBMP 1470 Audio Audio
Searching Love SATB SBMP 1478 Audio
Searching Love TTBB SBMP 1526 Audio
Soul Light SSAATTBB SBMP 1459 Audio Audio Video
The Christmas Alleluias SATB SBMP 1349 Audio Video
The Eyes of the Heart SATB div. SBMP 1465 Audio Audio
The gift I'll leave you SATB div. SBMP 1370 Audio Audio
The Lamb SATB div. SBMP 1328 Audio Audio
The Singer’s Dance SATB SBMP 1411 Audio Audio
The Singer’s Dance SSAA SBMP 1488 Audio
The Wound in the Water SATB, solo soprano SBMP 1409 Video
There we shall rest SATB div. SBMP 1371 Audio Audio Video
You asked me to speak SSAATTBB SBMP 1275 Audio Video

Audio = See the complete score    Audio = Hear recording   Video = Watch performance video

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