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CoverGrow, Little Tree [level: Easy]
Andrea Ramsey: Bio and other works | Janeal Krehbiel Choral Series
voicing: SA | catalog number: SBMP 1170 | duration: 3:25 | price: $2.05
accompaniment: piano [MP3 Piano Part - Download]

This precious piece has found a place in the repertoire of both children and women. For the children growing like trees, it has them telling their story; for women, it has them both remembering their own growth and thinking on that of their children.

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Grow, little tree.
Stretch your arms and spread your leaves.
What will you be?
Grow, little tree.
Wave your branches wild
and free for all to see.
I’ll grow too, just like you.
Nurture me, I look to you for what to do.
Teach me how to dance,
dance in the wind.
Stand, and soak up the sun,
and when the storm brings a shower,
let the earth catch my tears
and sprout a new flow’r.
Grow, little tree.


Allegro Vivo and Bella Voce, Gretchen Harrison, conductor [© all rights reserved]

aThe iSing Girlchoir - Jennah Delp-Somers, conductor
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"Thank you, Christy and Gretchen for bringing choral beauty to the simple melody and text. Simple can truly be the best!"
review by: Janeal Krehbiel, Lawrence, KS - Clinician for children's and youth choirs

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