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 Andrea Ramsey

Dr. Andrea Ramsey enjoys an international presence as a composer, conductor, scholar, and music educator. Her teaching experiences range from work with adolescent and childrenís voices to high school and collegiate voices. She enjoys regular opportunities to conduct all-state and divisional level honor choirs, festival events at Carnegie Hall, and served as a principal conductor for the Pacific International Young Womenís Choral Festival in Eugene, Oregon and conducted the National ACDA Junior High/Middle School Honor Choir in 2023. Before leaping into full time composing and guest conducting, Andrea held positions in music education and conducting at The Ohio State University and the University of Colorado, respectively.

An ASCAP Plus award-winning composer, Andrea believes strongly in the creation of new works. Her compositions are available with traditional publishers and also through MusicSpoke, a digital sheetmusic marketplace. She enjoys residency collaborations with ensembles and festival choirs, some of which have included: the University of Oregon, the Allegro Choirs of Kansas City, and the Crescent City Choral Festival in New Orleans.

As a scholar, she has presented for state, divisional, and national conventions of the American Choral Directors Association, the 6th Annual Symposium on Sociology in Music Education, as well as The Phenomenon Singing Symposium in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. She has co-authored articles published in the Choral Journal, as well as the Journal of Research in Music Education. A native of Arkansas, she has experienced in her own life the power of music to provide a sense of community, better understanding of our humanity, and rich opportunities for self-discovery.


Andrea Ramsey has 24 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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El Mar SATB SBMP 875 Audio Audio
Grow, Little Tree SA SBMP 1170 Audio Audio Video
Here Inside My Heart SATBB SBMP 825 Audio Audio
Honeybees SA SBMP 1356 Audio Audio
I Loved All Lovely Things SATB SBMP 950 Audio Audio
I See the Heavenís Glories Shine SSAA SBMP 929 Audio Audio Video
I See the Heavenís Glories Shine SATB SBMP 1040 Audio Audio Video
I See the Heavenís Glories Shine TTBB SBMP 1063 Audio Audio
If It Must Be SA SBMP 1366 Audio Audio
If It Must Be SATB SBMP 1640 Audio Audio
Jubilant Cicadas SA SBMP 1244 Audio Audio
Out in the Fields SA SBMP 744 Audio Audio
Sehnsucht nach dem FrŁlinge Unison SBMP 751 Audio Audio
Sing to Me SATB SBMP 1176 Audio Audio
Sing to Me SA SBMP 1003 Audio Audio Video
The Echo -NEW SSA SBMP 1757 Audio Audio
The Mothís Serenade SSA SBMP 1410 Audio Audio Video
The Mothís Serenade SATB SBMP 1660 Audio Audio
There Has to Be a Song SA or TB SBMP 963 Audio Audio Video
There Has to Be a Song SATB SBMP 970 Audio Audio
Three Quotes by Mark Twain SA SBMP 892 Audio Audio Video
To Daffodils SATB SBMP 745 Audio Audio
To Hold All Sounds SSAA SBMP 1120 Audio Audio
Voces Lucis SATB SBMP 1047 Audio Audio

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Tu Voz
by Shawn
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