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CoverThe Little Horses [level: Easy]
arr. Douglas Pew: Bio and other works | Robyn Lana Choral Series
voicing: Unison | catalog number: SBMP 1312 | duration: 2:30 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano

This beloved lullabye, often called Hush-A-Bye, has been recorded by many renowned singers. This tasteful unison arrangement will now allow choral singers to delight it its special melody.

performance by: Cincinnati Children's Choir Ensemble-in-Residence at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Robyn Lana, conductor [© all rights reserved]

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Hush you bye,
don't you cry,
go to sleepy little baby.
When you wake,
you shall have,
all the pretty little horses.
Blacks and bays,
dapples and grays,
coach and six-a little horses.

Hush you bye,
don't you cry,
go to sleepy little baby.
When you wake,
you'll have sweet cake,
and all the pretty little horses.
A brown and gray
a black and bay
and coach and six-a little horses.

Ah, you pretty little baby.
Go to sleepy little baby.

traditional American lullaby

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Featured on the following reading sessions
2019 | NJSMA, Choral Reading Session on 2/9/19
2016 | NJ ACDA Childrens Choir Retreat 1/16/16
2016 | University of South Dakota Choral Festival June 14-17, 2016
2016 | Head's House of Music Choral Panorama Workshop July 28-29
2016 | UGA - Georgia Athens Convention End of June 10
2016 | NJ ACDA Summer Conference Reading Session - July 26-27
2016 | St John's Music Ltd Reading Session in Toronto Aug 31

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