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CoverCherry Blossom Snow [level: Medium]
Hyun Kook: Bio and other works
voicing: SSA, opt. S Solo | catalog number: SBMP 1457 | price: $2.15
accompaniment: piano

Composed by a South Korea composer, this charming piece has a bit of an oriental feel, the harp-like accompaniment of the piano creating a special atmosphere for the voices. The text tells of a love story brought to life by the magic of cherry blossoms falling like snow. Singers and audiences will adore this.

performance by: York County Senior Honors Choir Women’s Chorus - Michal R.Buchanan, conductor [© all rights reserved]

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On a day in early spring,
I wandered by a reflecting pool.
I was wond'ring about us:
would our friendship ever deepen?
I sat down beneath the trees,
where the cherry blossoms were in brightest bloom;
full crowns of pink and white
were reflected in shining blue.

As I gazed into the pool,
the boughs of flowers above my head
started nodding in chorus
as if cueing a performance.
Next to me, your face appeared,
the branches o'er us like a canopy.
I smiled and placed my hand
in the hand you held out to me.

Then the breeze whispered softly,
and sent the petals flying,
floating here, there, and ev'rywhere,
like a cherry blossom snow.
And the wind whirled through the treetops
and swirled the petals around us;
like a great crowd surrounding us,
was our cherry blossom snow.

Then the wind blew them to the heights
to fall like a carpet strewn below,
as you knelt down upon your knee,
promising everlasting love to me.
On a day in early spring
when birds were singing and hope was new,
I said "Yes!" 'mid the wonder
of a cherry blossom snow.

Linda Marcus & Julie I. Myers

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