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 Joan Szymko

Joan Szymko, pronounced SHIM-koh, (b. 1957), in addition to being an active composer, has directed choirs in the Pacific Northwest for over twenty-five years. Abundant lyricism, rhythmic intensity and vigorous attention to text are hallmarks of her diverse and distinctive choral writing. Especially noteworthy is Szymko’s significant contribution to the body of literature for women’s voices.

“Szymko... continue[s] to provide opportunities for women’s choruses to stretch beyond the ordinary and the expected to the refreshing and powerful.” [CJ] With nearly sixty octavos in print, her music is sung by distinguished choral ensembles across the country and abroad, including performances at international competitions and festivals (IFCM), and at four consecutive national conferences of the American Choral Directors Association. The ACDA selected Szymko as the composer of the 2010 Raymond W. Brock Commission.

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Joan Szymko has 45 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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A la Media Noche SSAA SBMP 304 Audio Audio Video
African Lullaby SSA SBMP 809 Audio Audio
All Works of Love SATB SBMP 942 Audio Audio Video
Amazing Grace SSAA SBMP 437 Audio Audio
Arise My Love SA div. SBMP 552 Audio Audio Video
Ave Maria SSA SBMP 292 Audio Audio
Ave Maria TTBB SBMP 358 Audio Audio
Beauty of Your Dreams, The SSAA SBMP 564 Audio Audio Video
Benedizione SSAA SBMP 799 Audio Audio
Carpe Diem SSAATBB SBMP 862 Audio Audio
Come Pretty Love SSA SBMP 492 Audio Audio
Et In Terra Pax SSAA SBMP 493 Audio Audio
Everything She Touches SSA SBMP 738 Audio Audio Video
Fire, Burn Bright SSA SBMP 988 Audio Audio
Hodie SSATBB SBMP 1415 Audio
Hodie SSAA SBMP 356 Audio Audio Video
How Did the Rose SATB SBMP 548 Audio Audio
I Dream a World SSAA SBMP 613 Audio Audio Video
I Dream a World SATB SBMP 736 Audio Audio
I Lift My Eyes SSA SBMP 658 Audio Audio
I Lift My Eyes SATB SBMP 691 Audio Audio
Illumina le tenebre SATB SBMP 861 Audio Audio Video
Illumina le tenebre SSAA SBMP 955 Audio Audio Video
It Takes a Village SSAA SBMP 328 Audio Audio Video
It Takes a Village SATB SBMP 331 Audio Audio Video
It Takes a Village TTBB SBMP 1127 Audio Audio Video
Lorica SSAA SBMP 800 Audio Audio
maggie and milly and molly and may SSAA SBMP 588 Audio Audio
Nada te turbe SSAA SBMP 334 Audio Audio Video
Nada te turbe SATB SBMP 399 Audio
Only Light, Only Love SSAA SBMP 840 Audio Audio Video
Peace Like a River SSAA SBMP 417 Audio Audio Video
Peace of the Wild Things, The SATB SBMP 692 Audio Audio
Peace of Wild Things, The SSAA SBMP 561 Audio Audio Video
Roses, The SSAA SBMP 293 Audio Audio
Shape-Note Hymns for Christmas SSA SBMP 176 Audio
To Know the Dark SSA SBMP 754 Audio Audio
To the Holy Spirit SATB SBMP 838 Audio Audio
Ubi Caritas SATB SBMP 291 Audio Audio
Vivos Voco SSAA SBMP 615 Audio Audio Video
Waly, Waly SSAA SBMP 364 Audio Audio
Ye Jaliya-o SATB SBMP 726 Audio Audio
Ye Jaliya-o SSA div. SBMP 734 Audio Audio
You Are the Music SSAA SBMP 804 Audio Audio Video
Your World SSAA SBMP 1577 Audio Audio