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 Robert Sieving

Robert Sieving (b. 1942) is a Minneapolis-based composer and arranger following a career as a high school choral music educator. In addition to his choral pieces he is also active as a composer and arranger of works for string orchestra. He is a past recipient of the ACDA of Minnesota Conductor of the Year Award and the Plymouth Music Series (now VocalEssence) Award for Creative Programming.

Robert Sieving has 20 titles published with Santa Barbara.
Click on any title below to view the complete score and hear a recording if available.

Agnus Dei SSA SBMP 910 Audio Audio
Benedictus SA SBMP 722 Audio Audio
Crucifixus SA SBMP 833 Audio Audio
Du bist die Ruh’ SATB SBMP 961 Audio Audio
Ein Deutsches Kyrie SATB SBMP 1014 Audio Audio
El Desembre Congelat SSATB SBMP 935 Audio Audio
Giá il sole dal Gange SSA SBMP 571 Audio Audio
Kling, Glöckchen, Kling! SSA SBMP 189 Audio Audio
La Bonne Nouvelle SA SBMP 161 Audio Audio
La Bonne Nouvelle SSATB SBMP 724 Audio Audio
Monotone of the Rain SATB SBMP 893 Audio Audio Video
Musica Dei donum optimi SSA SBMP 858 Audio Audio
Nigra sum SA SBMP 997 Audio Audio
Red is the Rose TTB SBMP 795 Audio Audio
Sanctus SA SBMP 647 Audio Audio
Still wie die Nacht (Calm as the Night) SATB SBMP 688 Audio Audio
Thou Art My Radiant Star SA SBMP 1037 Audio Audio
Trio from the Magic Flute SSA SBMP 802 Audio Audio
Two Grenadiers TBB SBMP 1149 Audio Audio
Van gli effluvi de le rose SA SBMP 650 Audio Audio

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arr. by
Sean Barnette