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 Kyle Pederson

Kyle Pederson is a Minneapolis-based composer, lyricist, pianist, and educator.

He enjoys working at the intersection of the sacred and secular, and his lyrics and music invite the choir and audience to be agents of hope, grace, and compassion in the world. Kyle was awarded the American Prize in Choral Composition in 2019, and the ACDA Genesis Prize in 2020.  Kyle’s music has been commissioned, performed, and recorded by school, community, church, festival and professional choirs around the world.  Kyle has an undergraduate degree from Augustana University, a Masters Degree in Education from University of St. Thomas, and an MFA in Music Composition from Vermont College of Fine Art. Additional information and links to Kyle’s music can be found at

Kyle Pederson has 13 titles published with Santa Barbara.
Click on any title below to view the complete score and hear a recording if available.

Hands are Knockin' TB SBMP 1630 Audio Audio Video
Hands are Knockin‘ SATB SBMP 1551 Audio Audio Video
Hands are Knockin’ SSAA SBMP 1594 Audio Audio Video
Hands are Knockin’ -NEW SAB SBMP 1711 Audio Audio Video
Heartbeat SATB SBMP 1656 Audio Audio Video
Heartbeat SAB SBMP 1657 Audio Audio Video
Heartbeat -NEW SSA(A) SBMP 1712 Audio Audio Video
If You Want to Hold My Hand SATB SBMP 1599 Audio Audio
I’m Going Home SATB SBMP 1510 Audio Audio
Since I Laid My Burden Down SATB SBMP 1563 Audio Audio
Since I Laid My Burden Down TTB SBMP 1618 Audio Video
The World Will See SATB SBMP 1681 Audio Audio
There’s Gonna be a Homecomin’ SSATB SBMP 1588 Audio Audio Video

Audio = See the complete score    Audio = Hear recording   Video = Watch performance video

arr. by
Sean Barnette