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All videos have been generously provided by choirs from around the world.
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The Bunk-House Orchestra, Randall Johnson
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 1405
South Dakota All-State Honor Choir - Randy Stenson conductor
The Christmas Alleluias , Kim André Arnesen
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 1349
The Brandywine Valley Chorale - Jason Throne, Artistic Director
The Composition of a Kiss, Kevin T. Padworski
voicing: SSA    catalog number: SBMP 1511
University of Colorado Boulder Women’s Chorus - Gregory Gentry, conductor.
The Front, Christopher Fox
voicing: TTB    catalog number: SBMP 1597
The James Madison University Men's Chorus Dr. W. Bryce Hayes, conductor
The Moon is Distant from the Sea, David N. Childs
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 540
Westlake Girls' & Boys' High Schools - Rowan Johnston, Conductor
The Moon is Distant from the Sea, David N. Childs
voicing: SSAA    catalog number: SBMP 719
SOS - Rangitoto College - Rhianna Clarke, conductor
The Moon is Distant from the Sea, David N. Childs
voicing: TTBB    catalog number: SBMP 764
Saint Kentigern College - Lachlan Craig, conductor
The Moth’s Serenade , Andrea Ramsey
voicing: SSA    catalog number: SBMP 1410
Loyola Academy Women's Concert Choir - Dr. Clay Price, conductor
The Poem, The Song, The Picture, Terry Schlenker
voicing: SATB div.    catalog number: SBMP 927
University Singers of Mizzou - Dr. R Paul Crabb, conductor
The Red-Gold Darkness of Rain, Dominick DiOrio
voicing: SATB div.    catalog number: SBMP 1605
DSU Chamber Singers - Dr. Roger Hale, conductor
The Riddle Song, arr. Vicente Chavarria
voicing: SSA    catalog number: SBMP 1255
Fairfax Select Ladies Ensemble - Luke Frels, conductor
The Song We Sing (TTBB), Jacob Narverud
voicing: TTBB    catalog number: SBMP 1548
Heartland Men's Chorus - Dustin Cates, conductor
The Water is Wide, arr. Shelly & Matthew Armstrong
voicing: TTBB    catalog number: SBMP 1314
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Varsity Men's Chorus - Dr. Peter Eklund, conductor
The Weaver, Jacob Narverud
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 1283
Heartland Men's Chorus and Lawrence Children's Choir - Dustin S. Cates, conductor
There Has to Be a Song, Andrea Ramsey
voicing: SA or TB    catalog number: SBMP 963
Kansas City Allegro Community Choirs - Allegro Con Brio, Allegro Con Moto, Vivo Allegro and Poco Allegro.
Christy Elsner, conductor
This Is Your Time (SSA), J. Reese Norris
voicing: SSA    catalog number: SBMP 1458
Hernando Middle School Girls Choir - J Reese Norris, conducting
Three Japanese Folksongs, Misuzu McManus
voicing: SSAA    catalog number: SBMP 523
2011-2012 Southern California Vocal Association Women's Honor Choir - Dr. Anna Hamre, conductor
Three Quotes by Mark Twain , Andrea Ramsey
voicing: SA    catalog number: SBMP 892
Birmingham Boys Choir, Ken Berg, Music Director
Thunder, Randall Johnson
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 1508
South Dakota Honor Choir & Reunion Choir - Randy Stenson, conductor
Tis a Gift, arr. Nancy Grundahl
voicing: SSA    catalog number: SBMP 472
Gunn High School - William Liberatore, director
Tota pulcra es, Maria, Victoria Davison and Rudy Lupinski
voicing: SATB div.    catalog number: SBMP 1339
The East Central University Chorale - Dr. J. Steven Walker, conductor
Tu sangre en la mía, Shawn L. Kirchner
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 1377
The Western Illinois University Singers - Dr. James Stegall, conductor
Tu Voz, Shawn L. Kirchner
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 705
Dixie State University Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Roger Hale
Tuli Tuli, arr. Alex Gartner
voicing: SSA    catalog number: SBMP 1379
Allegro Con Moto - Christy Elsner
Tum Balalaika , arr. Jay Broeker
voicing: Unison or SA    catalog number: SBMP 228
Elemental Choir - Jessi Spike Gravelle, director
Tunkashila, arr. Randall Johnson
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 1406
2016 South Dakota All State Senior Honor Choir - Randolph Stenson, conductor
Two Faces of Autumn, Christopher Fox
voicing: SA    catalog number: SBMP 1527
Bonnie Branch 6th Grade Chorus - Christopher Fox, conductor
Umahlalela, Michael Barrett
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 1219
Westside Christian High School - Will Fox, conductor
Umi Sono Ai, arr. Rachel Stenson
voicing: TTBB    catalog number: SBMP 974
St. Mary's International School 2020 Graduation Virtual Choir - Randy Stenson, conductor
Under the Willow, arr. Susan LaBarr
voicing: SSAA    catalog number: SBMP 896
Chandler High School's Treblemakers - Lori Lyford, conductor
Vidi Aquam, Kevin T. Padworski
voicing: SSA    catalog number: SBMP 1315
The University of Denver Lamont Women's Chorus - Catherine Sailer, conductor
Vivos Voco, Joan Szymko
voicing: SSAA    catalog number: SBMP 615
Cincinnati Children's Choir Bel Canto singing at Carnegie Hall - Robyn Reeves Lana, conductor
Wade in de water, arr. Allen Koepke
voicing: SSAATTBB    catalog number: SBMP 227
The United States Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus
Walk in Jerusalem, arr. Paul Rardin
voicing: SATB    catalog number: SBMP 352
2011 Pennsylvania All-State Chorus. Conducted by Dr. Christopher Kiver of Penn State
Wana Baraka, arr. Shawn L. Kirchner
voicing: SSATBB    catalog number: SBMP 482
2015 Oklahoma Allstate Mixed Chorus - Dr. Axel Theimer, conductor
Wana Baraka , arr. Shawn L. Kirchner
voicing: SSA div.    catalog number: SBMP 554
Chapman University Women's Choir - Angel M. Vázquez-Ramos, conductor
Wana Baraka, arr. Shawn L. Kirchner
voicing: TTTBBB    catalog number: SBMP 807
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Men's Chorus - Pete Eklund, conductor.
We Are the Voices, Jim Papoulis
voicing: SSAA    catalog number: SBMP 1258
Femme - Southland Girls' High School, Invercargill - Sarah Rue, musical director
We Sing of Love, J. Reese Norris
voicing: SA div.    catalog number: SBMP 1089
University of Mississippi Women’s Glee, Debra Spurgeon, conductor
Weep No More , David N. Childs
voicing: SSAA    catalog number: SBMP 249
University of Oklahoma Women's Chorus - Dr. David Howard, conductor
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