Jo-Michael Scheibe - University of Southern California

Jo-Michael Scheibe chairs the Thornton School of Musicís Department of Choral and Sacred Music at the University of Southern California, where he conducts the USC Chamber Singers, teaches choral conducting and choral methods, and supervises the graduate and undergraduate choral program. In 2008, he assumed a new post as National President Elect of the American Choral Directorsí Association. No stranger to the ACDA, Scheibe previously served as the organizationís Western Division President (1991-1993), as well as National Repertoire and Standards Chairperson for Community Colleges (1980-1989). Ensembles under his leadership have sung at six national ACDA conventions (1985, 1991, 1993, 1997, 2003, 2007), as well as two national conventions of the Music Educators National Conference (1996, 2000), and various regional and state conventions.

Scheibeís artistic collaborations include choral performances with Luciano Pavarotti, Josť Carreras, Salvatore Licitra, Maria Guleghina and Kenny Loggins, as well as preparation of choruses for Sir Colin Davis and the London Symphony Orchestra, Franz Welser-MŲst and the Cleveland Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas and the New World Symphony and conductors Jahja Ling, Edoardo MŁller, James Judd, Max Valdez, Thomas Sanderling and Alain Lombard, among others. Recordings of ensembles under Scheibeís direction have been released on the Albany, Cane, Naxos, Arsis and ANS labels.

A champion of contemporary music, Scheibe regularly commissions and performs new works of choral literature. He has helped to launch careers of promising young composers and to promote music by international composers largely unknown in the United States. Music publishers Walton, Colla Voce Music and Santa Barbara distribute the Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series internationally.

Fall 2008 marks Scheibeís return to USC after a 15-year tenure as director of Choral Studies at the University of Miamiís Frost School of Music (1993-2008), as well as previous faculty appointments at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff (1985-1993), Long Beach City College (1978-1985), Vintage High School in Napa, California and Huntington Beach High School. Scheibe received his D.M.A. from the University of Southern California and his B.A. and M.M. degrees from California State University at Long Beach, where he was presented with the distinguished alumnus award.

Scheibe has served as music and artistic director of several community choral organizations, including the Master Chorale of South Florida, the Tampa Bay Master Chorale and the Long Beach Master Chorale. He has directed music ministries in churches as well, most recently at Coral Gables Congregational Church, where he conducted the Chancel Choir and Vocal Ensemble, which appeared at the 2002 ACDA Southern Division Convention in Nashville. A member of Chorus America, the International Federation of Choral Music, and several other professional and education organizations, Scheibe is in frequent demand internationally as a clinician, conductor and adjudicator for choruses at the university, community college, community and secondary levels.

119 Octavos from the Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
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A Hope Carol David Dickau SATB
A Minerís Life Seth Houston SATB
A Soft Day Daniel Brinsmead SATB
Adon Olam Kenneth Lampl SATB div.
Ainít I A Woman lyrics: Ronald W. Cadmus, music: Robert S. Cohen SSAA RELEASED: July 2022
Alleluia Terry Schlenker SATB div.
Always Keep This Close Zachary J. Moore SSAA
Always Keep This Close Zachary J. Moore SATB RELEASED: January 2022
America the Beautiful Bates and Ward, arr. Frank J. La Rocca SATB div.
Angele Dei Susan LaBarr SATB div.
Angele Dei Lindsay Goodson SSAA
Ave Maria Zachary J. Moore SATB
Ave Maria Alvez Barkoskie IV SATB div.
Big Sky Seth Houston SATB
Blessing in the Leaving Susan LaBarr SATB div.
Blow ye the trumpet, blow Lewis Edson, arr. Paul Carey SATB
Brennen's Lullaby Terry Schlenker SATB div. Digital Room Octavo
Brother, Do Not Weep arr. Seth Houston SATB div.
Carpenters of God Vijay Singh SATB
Come Sleep Daniel Brinsmead SATB
Companioned Daniel Brinsmead SATB
Crossing the Bar Michael J. Mills SATB div.
Dance with the Birds Hyun Kook SATB RELEASED: July 2022
David's Lamentation David von Kampen SATB
Dear Sarah James Syler SATB
Dream Ship, The Susan LaBarr SATB
El Besu Spanish folk song, arr. Vicente Chavarria SATB
Emerald Stream Seth Houston SATB BEST SELLER
Ezekiel arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB/SATB
Fiddler of Dooney, The Daniel J. Hall SATB
Fly Sara Groves, arr. Susan LaBarr SATB div.
Follow the Drinking Gourd arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB
Follow the Drinking Gourd arr. Vicente Chavarria SATB
Footprints David Dickau SATB
Forever Gone Susan LaBarr SATB
Give Me Your Stars to Hold Mark Sirett SSA
Go Forth Matt Carlson Two-Part RELEASED: February 2023
Go, Tell It on the Mountain Stecey V. Gibbs SATB
God Is Nigh ("Taps") General Daniel Butterfield, arr. Nicholas McKaig SATB div.
Godís Grandeur Daniel Brinsmead SATB div.
Good News, the Chariot's Comin' arr. Stacey V. Gibbs TTBB RELEASED: January 2022
Good News, the Chariot's Comin' arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB RELEASED: January 2022
Good-Night Matthew Emery SAB
Good-Night Matthew Emery SSA or TBB
Grace Before Sleep Susan LaBarr SATB div. BEST SELLER
Grace Before Sleep Susan LaBarr SSAA BEST SELLER
Grace in the sun arr. Ethan Sperry TTBB (T solo)
Herself a Rose Cristine Temple-Evans SATB
Hunt Is Up! The Nicholas McKaig SATB
Huron Carol arr. Susan LaBarr SATB
Hush! arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB RELEASED: January 2023
Hutia te Rito arr. Zachary J. Moore SATB
i carry your heart Mike Kregler SSA
I Hear the Stars Still Singing J. Michael Saunders SATB
I Never Saw Davide Riva SATB RELEASED: July 2022
Iesus Ahattonnia arr. Susan LaBarr SATB
It Is Well With My Soul arr. Robert T. Townsend and Stacey V. Gibbs TTBB
Johnny-O & Sally Anne! arr. Ken Berg SATB
Journey Home Abbie Betinis SATB/sop. descant
Joyful Piper, The Nicholas McKaig SATB
Kumbaya Nicholas McKaig SATBB
La Otra J. Michael Saunders SATB
Lady in the Water, The Eric William Barnum SATB
Laughing Song David Dickau SATB/opt. children's chorus
Life Has Loveliness to Sell David Dickau SATB div.
Light My LIght Connor J. Koppin SSA
Light the World Connor J. Koppin TTBB RELEASED: June 2021
Light the World Connor J. Koppin SATB RELEASED: January 2022
Like Barley Bending Daniel Brinsmead SATB div.
Locus iste Daniel Brinsmead SATB div.
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Seth Houston SATB
Monotone J. Michael Saunders SATB
My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB
Now Touch the Air Softly Suan LaBarr SATB
Oh, What a Beautiful City arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB
On Jordanís Stormy Banks M. Durham, arr. Ken Berg SATB
One Household, High and Low Andrew Maxfield SATB
Pure Imagination Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, arr. Matthew D. Nielsen SATB
Reapers All with Their Sharp Sickles, The Elisha West, arr. Seth Houston SATB/sop solos
Red River Valley arr. Timothy Jon Tharaldson TTBB/bar. solo
Rejoice! Jeffery L. Ames SATB BEST SELLER
Reuben and Rachel William Gooch, arr. Andrew Larson SATB
Rise Up Shepherd arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB - 2 tenor soloists
Rockiní Jerusalem arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB div.
Roll, Jordan, Roll arr. Ken Berg SATB
Sally Goodiní arr. Ken Berg SATB
Shut De Do arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB
Silent Noon David Dickau SATB
Sinnuh, Please Doní Let This Harvest Pass arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB
Sit Down Servant arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB div.
Sit Down Servant arr. Stacey V. Gibbs TTBB
Snowflakes Seth Houston SATB
Spiritus Sanctus Daniel Brinsmead SSAAA
Spiritus Sanctus Daniel Brinsmead SATB div.
Spring Shall Bloom Susan LaBarr SSA
Stars Above the Hill, The David Dickau SATB
Telescope Krishan Oberoi SSATB RELEASED: July 2022
Tell My Ma... arr. Vijay Singh SSA
The Joy of Simple Things Robert S. Cohen SA RELEASED: March 2023
The Little Creek Matt Carlson SA RELEASED: March 2022
The Little Creek Matt Carlson SAB RELEASED: March 2022
The Little Creek Matt Carlson SATB RELEASED: March 2022
The Poem, The Song, The Picture Terry Schlenker SATB div.
The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy arr. Stacey V. Gibbs SATB
There Is No Rose Joshua Himes SSAA
There Is Sweet Music Here Zachary J. Moore SATB
Timor et tremor Terry Schlenker SATB div.
To the Moonbeam David Asher Brown SA or TB
Tread Softly Connor J. Koppin SATB
Trees Daniel Brinsmead SATB
Under the Willow Stephen Foster, arr. Susan LaBarr SSAA
Verses Left to Write Timothy Jon Tharaldson SATB
What Child Is This? arr. Lindsay Goodson SATB div.
Wheel that Moves the Sun and Stars, The Eric Barnum SATB
When Music Sounds Connor J. Koppin SATB
Why Fades a Dream? Nicholas McKaig SATB
Winter Is Past Jeremy Samuel Faust, M.D. SATB RELEASED: January 2022
Wipip!!! Sydney Guillaume SATB
You Cannot Lose My Love Sara Groves, arr. Susan LaBarr SATB div.